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Directory of Resources

From April 17, 2009, to December 28, 2018, Valparaiso Indiana had a plan to end homelessness in Porter County. This was built around a public directory of resources for men and women. The original site stated there was a "ten-year plan" to end homelessness in Porter County.

This all started when one of our neighbors asked us if we knew why the page wasn't being loaded (e.g., Page Not Found). We, my wife Holly and I, looked up the name and couldn't find it. After a few minutes of digging, we found the site used to exist, what it was about, and was left to fall off the internet after the original 10-years had passed as that is all that was allocated to the project.

With the Valpo Shelter Directory having been abandoned and available for purchase we decided to start the project back up and include additional information. We decided to expand the original directory to have the original information of helping men and women but also expand it to assist families in our local community.

We believe that what was started was a great idea that needs to continue. It should not be left up to our local government to "save us." As a community, we each need to take action to make our lives and those around us better.

  • We are starting the directory out with all the information from the past directory.
  • Reading through the original plan and working on incorporating it.
  • Contacting each of the original locations for updated information we receive information back from them.
  • Incorporating new information as we receive it from the community.

If you know of any resources to be added please email John at john@ValpoShelter.org with the information to be added.


Starting From The Past To Build Our Future

I feel that we should never erase or forget our past. That sets us up to repeat it. Our past has many good and bad things in it. By building off of our past we can take advantage of the time, money, and previous investment that others had started.

10-Year Plan

We were able to find the original 58-page PDF document showing how much this was needed in our community and what the Ten Year Plan To End Homelessness in Porter County was here. This PDF document and plan were assembled by a consortium of many different housing organizations. It contains details and statistics on homelessness here in Porter County that might surprise you.

How Helping Others Works

Communities grow and improve when we work collaboratively together for the common good of everyone.


The first step in working on a problem is acknowledging there is one. The next step is figuring out what to do. With that information in hand we are able to come up with a solution, Valpo Shelter Directory, that is able to help the entire community.

Upkeep & Analytics

With constant attention, we can continue to refine and improve the information we are providing. Digging into everything we can determine what is and isn't working together, as a community, and work on solving the problems that surround us either directly or indirectly.


A key aspect of any system working is that the information is shared among the community. You or someone you know may not need the services today but by spreading the good word when someone needs the resources they will know about them.

The key is to no longer have a 3+ year lapse in helping out members of our community.

We Want To Hear From You!

Porter County Indiana is a great place to live. There are always struggles in our lives. If you have any questions about this site and how it might be able to help you let us know. We want this to be a great resource for every resident in our county. Together we can make a difference.

Available Resources



A source of information specifically for men in Porter County, Indiana.



A source of information specifically for women in Porter County, Indiana.



A source of information specifically for families in Porter County, Indiana.

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